Step 1
Place wee nappies directly in your dry bucket/basket.
Poop nappies (where baby is already on solids) – flush the solids down the toilet or spray poop off with a diaper sprayer and then place nappy in your dry bucket. EBF (exclusively breast fed) poop nappies can be placed directly in your dry bucket/basket.
When your baby is older, you will need to rinse his/her overnight nappy in warm water immediately when it comes off the bum, before placing it in the dry bucket.
You can run a rinse & spin or a quick wash in your machine for the days used nappies and put them back in your dry bucket for wash day. This will reduce the chances of developing stink issues.
Important: NO SOAKING modern cloth. Soaking will cause PUL delaminating, natural fibers breaking down and elastic deterioration.

Step 2
Washing day! Move nappies from dry bucket into your washing machine. Run a cold rinse & spin cycle (or a short wash/prewash, depending on your machine) without any detergent to get rid of the urine on the nappies that have not yet been rinsed.
Fill your machine with your nappies and make sure it is at least three quarters full to ensure optimum agitation.

Step 3
Add your detergent – use the recommended amount as per the manufacturer for a heavily soiled load. You can use any regular detergent that does not contain softener (so no 2-in-1 detergents either). Don’t add softener. You can see a list of detergents and dosage indications here.

Now wash on the longest cycle with the most agitation (It’s usually the cotton cycle) on 40 degrees. (Cold water can also be used successfully or an occasional 60 degrees wash is also okay). If you wash cold, remember to increase one of the other washing elements (eg longer wash, more detergent etc).
Important: Some suppliers have a maximum temperature restriction on their nappies, be sure to reference the guidelines if you want it to stay under warranty.

Step 4
If there are no soap suds at the end of the long wash cycle, you can take your cloth out and line dry or tumble dry on low. A final rinse is usually necessary to get detergent out properly if you have soft water. If you use soap like Sunlight Gel you will also need extra rinses. Rinse until you see no more soap suds.

Step 5
Dry your nappies. You can either hang them up outside, on a clothes horse or tumble dry them on low. Do not tumble dry PUL items on high though. Don’t hang PUL covers in direct sunlight, they will last longer.

Pro Tip: To remove stains, rub with green sunlight bar or boerseep before washing and dry your nappies in the sun, it works like magic and gets rid of most stains.


Bucket and Plunger method

Flats and Covers

  1. Submerge flats & covers in cold water and plunge 50 times to get rid of the urine.

  2. Drain the water and remove the covers.

  3. Fill the bucket (with flats in) with warm water (enough to cover your nappies),

  4. Add about 100ml Sunlight Gel for 12-14 flats and plunge 100 times.

  5. Drain and fill again with cold water.

  6. Plunge another 50 times to ensure all the soap is rinsed out.

  7. Drain and wring out.

  8. Shake to get excess water off and hang to line dry.

Covers: Quickly wash with a little bit of soap and water, rinse, towel dry and then hang to dry.

Information provided by SACNU.