Why should you consider using modern cloth nappies?

They will save you money – as much as R11 000 on 1 child and up to R26 000 on 2 children.

Environmental impact
A single child will use approximately 4140 disposable nappies and generate almost a ton of waste (952kg) by the time they have potty learned. In contrast, a child using cloth nappies will generate roughly 2.2kg of nappy waste. Disposable nappies take 450 years to breakdown!

No harmful chemicals
Cloth nappies contain NO hydrogels (the absorbent stuff in most disposables) and you can choose to have only natural fibres against your baby’s skin. https://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za/blog/chemicals-in-disposables/

Modern cloth nappies are easy to use
As easy as putting on a disposable nappies. No soaking, just rinse, store in an open basket and wash every 2-3 days in your washing machine.

Most Frequently Used Abbreviations:

  • AIO:  All-in-One
  • AI2:  All-in-Two
  • MCN:  Modern cloth nappy
  • NB:  Newborn
  • OSFM:  One Size fits most
  • PUL:  Polyurethane Laminate – an outer waterproof fabric
  • OTB:  On the bum
  • WAHM:  Work at Home Mom
  • Fluff:  Nickname for cloth nappies
  • NIP:  New in Package