Why you should rent newborn cloth

  • Buying a brand new newborn stash is costly as you need at least 36 nappy changes
  • Renting a stash can save you thousands or at the very least cost you less than disposables would
  • Gives you an opportunity to try out a variety of types and brands
  • No chemicals on your baby from day one
  • Environmentally friendly

Read about the types first, then see the sets we offer down below. This is important so that you have a better understanding of the available types.

The types and how they work:

The all-in-one (AIO)

  • Outer waterproof PUL fabric
  • Stay-dry inner lining
  • Inserts (absorbent layers) are sewn in and/or on
  • Inserts most commonly are bamboo
  • Adjustable rise snaps
  • One step system, very easy to use

The pocket nappy

  • Waterproof PUL outer fabric
  • Inserts need to be stuffed into the pocket
  • We use bamboo and cotton inserts
  • One step system
  • Adjustable rise snaps
  • Easy to use but can be tricky to stuff the pocket for bigger hands

The fitted nappy

  • Not waterproof, needs a cover
  • Completely absorbent, holds more than an AIO
  • Selection of bamboo, hemp and cotton fabrics
  • Inserts (absorbent layers) can be sewn in/on or loose
  • Two step system as they need a cover
  • Can have snaps, velcro or be snapless (use a Snappi to secure)
  • Easy to use

The elasticated prefold

  • Not waterproof, needs a cover
  • Completely absorbent, holds more than an AIO
  • Hemp fabric for maximum absorbency
  • Elastics in the leg area make these a better fit than plain prefolds (no leg gaps)
  • Two step system as they need a cover
  • Snapless (use a Snappi to secure)
  • Easy to use after some practice

The flat

  • Not waterproof, needs a cover
  • Completely absorbent, holds more than an AIO
  • Fastest drying nappy
  • Selection of bamboo terry, hemp jersey and cotton fleece
  • Two step system as they need a cover
  • Snapless (use a Snappi to secure)
  • Requires some practice to fold and fit correctly

PUL Nappy Covers

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Single or double gussets around legs
  • Double gussets give added protection against leaks
  • Size adjustable rise snaps

Polar Fleece Nappy Covers

  • Water resistant and more breathable than PUL
  • Softer on little thighs
  • Pull up, side snapping or fitted style
  • Pull up fleece soakers are sized and not adjustable
  • Side snapping fleece covers are sized but slightly adjustable
  • Fitted fleece covers are more adjustable as they have leg elastics and snaps or velcro

Soft Shell Fleece Nappy Covers

  • Waterproof
  • More breathable than PUL
  • Soft on little thighs
  • Fitted style with adjustable rise snaps


  • Small inserts used to boost the absorbency of ANY nappy
  • Selection of hemp and cotton
  • Place the booster inside the absorbent nappy and secure as usual
  • OR place the booster between the fitted, flat or prefold and the nappy cover

Fleece liners

  • Used to keep baby’s bum feeling dry in all nappies
  • Keeps most of the poop off the nappy and is easier to clean
  • Helps to prevent poop stains on the nappy
  • Place the fleece liner on top of your nappy
  • It is OK if the fleece sticks out around the legs or anywhere else as it will not wick any moisture
  • In doing this you protect your baby’s legs from wet elastics and soften the feel
  • Wash and reuse, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than disposable liners
  • Allow you to use any bum cream, provided you make sure you pre-wash them to remove build up of cream

The below sets are examples of the types of newborn sets we can put together for you. We will walk you through the options so you can make an informed decision about which nappies you think will work best for you. We will quote you on the set we put together for you once we know what you would like.

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Your deposit is to be paid upfront, for each week that you use the nappies we will deduct the weekly rental off your deposit. If there is anything left from your deposit on return of the nappies, you will be reimbursed once we receive the nappies back in good condition.

Terms and Conditions

Once you have selected your rental stash, you must check the box that says “I agree to the terms and conditions.” By signing this document, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Not complying with the terms and conditions could result in you not receiving back part or all of your deposit or being liable for an extra fee.

1. You agree to only use detergents free of softeners. Check the packaging to be sure or contact us. 2. You agree to not use any laundry additives such as bleach, vinegar or bicarb, etc. without first discussing with us beforehand. 3. You agree to only use a cloth safe cream such as Sproglets, Simply Bee Baby Bum Balm, Coconut oil, Oh Lief. If you must use a zinc based cream, please be very careful not to get any on your diaper as this can ruin them. Use a fleece liner as a barrier. 4. You will not hold Petit Pear liable for any consequence that may occur when using your rental diapers. 5. You will return the diapers to us on time, you are covered for 8 weeks rental on payment of your deposit. Please contact us prior to shipping so we know when to expect them. Please also provide us with a tracking numer. 7. If you need your diapers for extra time (once you have used your deposit amount), let us know and we will invoice you weekly or monthly depending on your needs. 8. Return shipping to Petit Pear is the responsibility of the renter. You will not receive a refund of your deposit until Petit Pear receives the diapers; therefore please make use of a well known and reliable shipping service. 9. You will return your diapers to us clean, free of smells and fully functional (meaning if there is non-cloth safe diaper rash cream residue on your diapers, ripped, or torn we will deduct a fee for that diaper/s). We understand that there will be normal wear and tear and possibly some staining as well. 10. If the diapers are received in such a condition that they are considered damaged (even if it was accidental), the full retail value of that item will be deducted from your deposit. You will also be held responsible for lost diapers. 11. Any diaper that is not returned to us we will deduct the full retail cost of the diaper from your deposit or invoice you an additional fee.