Biddykins All-In-One Nappy

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One size fits most AIO (All-in-one) nappies with waterproof PUL outer and stay-dry (micro-suede) lining.



Biddykins All-In-One Nappy

One size fits most AIO (All-in-one) nappy with waterproof PUL outer and stay-dry (micro-suede) lining.

Top flap:

  • Stay-dry layer
  • 2 layers bamboo terry
  • 2 layers microfibre

Lower flap:

  • 4 layers bamboo terry

All-in-One nappies bring a little convenience and time saving back into the world of cloth nappies. Designed to do away with the need to “stuff” inserts into the pocket/sleeve. Instead of having loose separate inserts, the inserts are sewn onto (attached to) the nappy, making it a “grab-‘n-go” nappy.

Cloth moms agree, having voted it SA’s favourite All-in-One nappy:

  • The tummy strip helps prevent moisture wicking along the tummy
  • The insert layers, size and positioning were carefully researched, ensuring that the inserts fit INSIDE the nappy, regardless of size adjusted setting
  • The 5 layer bamboo blend top insert, includes a suedecloth “StayDry” layer, which ensures baby feels dry and comfortable
  • The 4 layer pure bamboo lower insert ensures maximum absorption
  • The suedecloth “StayDry” lining keeps baby feeling dry and ensures that ‘everything‘ is contained inside the nappy

When time does eventually come to boost the All-in-One nappy (since you will need to add absorbency when the little one gets closer to potty training) adding a booster insert is as simple as laying an additional hemp insert beneath the two existing insert flaps.

Since the inserts are permanently attached to the nappy, they can’t be removed and dried seperately (ie in a tumble drier). The entire nappy must be allowed to line dry.

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