BiddyKins Cotton Bamboo Pocket Insert


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BiddyKins Cotton Bamboo Pocket Insert

  • A 4 Layer cotton bamboo fleece insert.
  • Almost as absorbent as the hemp inserts
  • Softer than hemp
  • Holds it’s shape better and shrinks less than the hemp inserts
  • Can be used with microfiber or bamboo inserts, should be placed furthest away from the bum
  • Size: ±35cm x ±13cm (some shrinkage is to be expected)

This insert also requires a number of washes to become fully absorbent.

To accelerate this:
Hand wash the new cotton bamboo inserts in warm water with a little sunlight dishwashing liquid – this removes a lot of the oil residue quickly. Only do this once – thereafter wash as per regular wash routine.


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