Biddykins Hemp Pocket Insert


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Biddykins Hemp Pocket Insert is very useful as baby gets a little older and wee volume increases. Use with bamboo or microfibre insert. Size: ±35cm x ±13cm

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Biddykins Hemp Pocket Insert

Generally considered the most absorbent inserts especially since they ‘hold’ moisture well when squeezed. 4 Layers of hemp fleece.

Keep in mind that since hemp absorbs more slowly than bamboo and microfiber we don’t recommend only using hemp inserts, rather use one or two hemp inserts WITH either a bamboo or microfiber insert.
(For example stuff a pocket nappy with 1x bamboo insert and 1x hemp pocket insert, always placing the hemp furthest away from the bum – the bamboo then sucks the moisture in quickly which then spreads down to the hemp below which really locks the moisture in)

Also keep in mind that since hemp inserts ‘hold’ moisture so well, they do take significantly  longer to dry. They also stiffen as they dry on the line. This stiffness can be worked away by hand, or by popping them into a tumble drier for a few minutes. Hemp inserts can also lose their shape a bit – this is quite normal and doesn’t affect their efficiency at all.

  • Very useful as baby gets a little older and wee volume increases
  • Very useful for nights
  • Size: ±35cm x ±13cm (hemp does warp and shrink during regular wash routine)

Remember that hemp requires a number of washes to become fully absorbent. To accelerate this:
Hand wash the new hemp inserts in warm water with a little sunlight dishwashing liquid – this removes a lot of the oil residue quickly.
Only do this once – thereafter wash as per regular routine.


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