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BiddyKins Newborn All-in-one Nappies

It really is extremely difficult to try and stuff a tiny insert into the opening of a newborn sized “pocket” nappy (even when using tweezers!). For this reason we offer All-in-One newborn nappies, where the insert is already attached to the nappy. A second loose staydry insert (supplied) is simply laid on top of this sewn-in insert, since newborn babies tend not to wriggle around as much as when they’re older.

We’ve specifically decided against including an umbilical cord snap down since umbilical cord stumps falls off relatively quickly and having a snap down compromises the size adjustment range of the nappy.

Size adjusts from ±2½Kg’s up to ±5½Kg’s
Includes 1 x Sewn in Bamboo flap insert
Includes 1 x Loose  StayDry Bamboo booster insert

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