Biddykins Swim Nappies – One Size

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Biddykins Swim Nappies are size adjustable swimming costumes for babies.They’re not absorbent, they’re designed to catch solids. Fit from ±4½Kg to ±16Kg.



Biddykins Swim Nappies

Award winning, size adjustable swimming costumes for little people.

  • They’re not designed to be absorbent – they’re simply designed to catch solids.
  • Nothing needs to be worn beneath the swim nappy.
  • You can fit additional sun protection or flotation clothing (e.g. Polyotter®) over the swim nappy.
  • Only fit the nappy when you reach the pool/sea – otherwise you may have a wet car seat !
  • If there is a poo in the costume, simply rinse off the mess, and pop the costume into the wash like any regular swimming costume.
  • Note that the nappy should be line dried, and not left in the sun unnecessarily due to the heat sensitive waterproof laminate.

Regular size Biddykins swim nappies fit from  ±4½Kg  to  ±16Kg

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