Boys Cloth Nappy Set – 13 Changes


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Boys Cloth Nappy Set – 13 Changes

Half time cloth nappy set:
2 x “Woodlands” Bumty Pockets
1 x “Dinosaurs” Bumty Pockets
3 x “Turtles” Bumty Pockets
3 x Biddykins Position Print Pockets
3 x Microfiber pocket inserts
3 x Hemp Pocket inserts
6 x Bamboo pocket Inserts
6 x Bamboo Blend Pocket Inserts
6 x Hemp boosters
1 x Grovia Hybrid with 2 Microfiber soaker and 4 disposable Biosaokers
1 x “Woodlands” Bumty Wet bag
1 x BiddyKins Bamboo/Cotton Fitted Nappy
1 x Doekies&Broekies Large Hemp Jersey Flat
1 x Hot Cross Buns PUL Cover – Blue with robots
1 x Kanini Fleece Cover – white bubble minky
1 x Blue Snappi
1 x LuLi&Co Fleece liners 10pk
2 x XL Fleece liners (for nights)


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