Happy Flute Charcoal Bamboo AIO


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Happy Flute Charcoal Bamboo AIO

The Happy Flute Charcoal Bamboo AIO Nappies are designed with dual four layer attached inserts, one sewn on and the other sewn inside, the heavy wetter can be worn longer than a standard all in one.  A tummy panel and leg elastic offer additional leak protection. The heavy wetter is quick to change and even easier to wash.  With no pockets to stuff, just wash, dry, and use again.

This is not a night nappy and will require a booster for a heavy wetter.

  • Sized from newborn to potty, approximately 5kg to potty training
  • Two rows of rise snaps to adjust height and width for the perfect fit.
  • Tummy panel for extra leak protection, designed for babies who like to sleep on their tummy.
  • Gentle elastic around each leg to prevent leaks.


  • Outer: 100% PUL
  • Inner/lining: Charcoal Bamboo
  • Attached Insert: 2 layers of microfiber placed between two layers of charcoal bamboo

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