Little Bums Earth Diaper AI2

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Little Bums Earth Diaper AI2

The Earth Diaper is an AI2 (All-in-Two) consisting of three parts:

  • The “Shell” which consists of PUL and a Stay Dry Fabric, No Leg Elastics which is very gentle on the skin
  • A water resistant snap-in, elasticated, PUL “Boat”
  • One “E-insert”- consisting 4 layers of Bamboo
  • One 4 layered Cotton Bamboo insert

With your babies comfort in mind, our E-diaper fastens with a Non-Sticking Velcro (The groove surface and hair surface are smooth to the touch). This eliminates the possibility of your baby getting scratched by the Velcro.

Because the boat generally contains everything, you can take out the dirty/wet inserts and put in a clean set and reuse the shell. The boat can also be reused if it is still clean.
Therefore we recommend the following:

  • 1 complete E-Diaper (shell, boat and inserts)
  • 2 extra boats
  • 5-7 medium cotton or hemp flats to padfold as inserts OR 10 inserts of your choice.

Or choose the 12 change option which consists of:

  • 2 complete E-Diapers (2 shells, 2 boats and 4 inserts)
  • 4 extra boats
  • 6 LuLi&Co medium cotton fleece flats to padfold as inserts
  • 5 BiddyKins Bamboo Blend Pocket Inserts
  • 5 BiddyKins Hemp Pocket Inserts


Click here for flats

Click here for inserts

Only available in Yellow for now.


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Complete E Diaper, Boat, 12 nappy change set


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