LuLi&Co Butterfly Contour Nappy


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LuLi&Co Butterfly Contour Nappy

Butterfly Contour nappies are a product unique to LuLi&Co great for day or nighttime use depending on baby’s output. As part of our Basics Range, it is an ideal “workhorse” Nappy for any mom, a stash filler for any home. With only 2 layers throughout, all parts easily unfold for easy washing and quick drying…ideal for Winter!

The Butterfly Contour is a snapless, all absorbent option that requires a cover to contain wetness and a Snappi to secure. It is made of 2 layers of soft and absorbent 100% Cotton Fleece with wings that fold inward into the wetzone.  It also includes a Quad/Trifold that can be folded into either quarters for a shorter length or thirds for a longer length, totalling up to 14 layers of absorbency.

This is an ideal daytime Nappy for all babies and a great nighttime option for light to medium wetters. We recommend adding our Booster Pack to your purchase if your baby has a higher output or for overnight use. A Snappi and Fleece Cover will also be required.

ONE SIZE fits from approx. 3 months to potty learning.


•100% Heavy Weight Cotton Fleece

•No elastics

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Newborn/Petite, One Size


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