Mini Matters Cotton Fleece Boosters

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4 layer, 100% cotton boosters for adding absorbency in your nappies.



If you find your baby out-weeing your nappies, adding some additional absorbency in the form of a booster will solve the problem. Our cotton fleece boosters are made of 4 layers heavyweight, 100% local cotton. They can be used to add absorbency to all types of nappies.

Please note: Due to the boosters being made of 100% cotton, they will shrink down a bit after the first wash. We have allowed extra length so that they shrink down to the correct size when washed on a warm cycle. They will also become more absorbent the more you wash them and can be softened in a tumble dryer or by rubbing the fibers together if they become hard over time. Do not use fabric softener when washing your boosters.

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One-size, Newborn


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