Biddykins Newborn Cover with Double Gussets

R90.00 R105.00

Newborn PUL Waterproof Covers with Double Gussets along the thigh.



Biddykins Newborn Nappy Cover with Double Gussets

Newborn PUL Waterproof Covers with Double Gussets along the thigh.

  • Completely waterproof (PUL)
  • Front & back flap to tuck in inserts
  • Ideal for use with newborn fitted nappies & flats
  • Features a second gusset sewn around the leg to provide extra protection at the thighs

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White, Grey, Aqua/mint, Light pink, Light blue, Cream yellow, Denim, Grey chevron, Autumn berries, Blue yachts, Floral watercolour, Blue clouds, Aqua leaves/pink bells, Pink with pink flamingos, White with cactus pots, Cream/grey bunnies, White/pink blossoms, White/blue/lilac clouds, Squirrels & Lavender, White/dinos, Fox in woods, Orange & grey baby foxes, Woodland creatures, Dandelion, White/bees, Pink Cherry Blossom, White Blue Ellies, Pink Twigs & Leaves, Woodlands Creatures, Multicolour Leaves, White/leaves, Orange grey baby foxes, Hot air suitcases, Poo Emoji, The watermelon, Pink balloon ellies, Pink with white daisies, White unicorns and rainbows, Grey koala bears, Blue safari, Yellow blue dinos, Aqua grey raccoons


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