ONE SIZE – Full Time – Variety

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ONE SIZE – Full Time – Variety

This set has 24 nappy changes in total, including 8 boosters, 24 fleece liners, 2 snappi’s, vest extenders, a wet bag, mini wet bag and 26 cloth wipes.

2 Biddykins All-in-one Nappy – plain
2 Biddykins All-in-one Nappy – print
2 Biddykins Standard Print Pocket Nappy
2 Biddykins Charcoal Bamboo Pocket Nappy
2 Biddykins Plain Pocket Nappy
2 Bumty Pocket Nappy
1 Doekies & Broekies Softshell Pocket Nappy
1 Biddykins Sleeve Nappy
4 Cotton Pocket Insert
4 Hemp pocket Insert
2 Bamboo pocket insert
4 Hemp booster
4 Mini Matters Cotton Booster
2 Mini Matters Snap DUO (3 changes)
1 Mini Matters Cotton Fitted
1 Biddykins Hemp Fitted Night Nappy
1 Biddykins Bamboo Fitted Night Nappy
1 Doekies&Broekies Fleece Pocket Night Nappy + Cotton Fleece Flat
1 Lily James Fleece Cover
1 Biddykins PUL Cover – print
1 Mini Matters Softshell Cover
2 Snappi
1 Biddykins Wet bag
2 Fleece Liners (10pk)
4 Large Fleece Liner (for nights)
2 Biddykins Cloth Wipes (8)
1 LuLi&Co Cloth Wipes (10)
1 Mini Wet Bag
1 Vest Extenders

All nappies are size adjustable, fit from ±5kgs to ±17kgs.

We will contact you to find about your colour/print preferences.


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