Ouma Hanna’s Boerseep


Boerseep for removing stains from clothing and nappies.

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Ouma Hanna’s Boerseep

 Directions (cold & warm water) 

Clothing: Whiter than white, removes spots & fat stains
Cold water: For stubborn stains like red wine, pomegranate juice, blood, mud, curry, ink
Warm water: For fatty stains like oil, grease diesel & fat
Pots & Pans: For a spotless shine
Mats, baths, showers: Scrub, let it stand for a bit and rinse.

Use as handwashing soap, it is very soft on the skin.
Soak overnight for best results.


Their Story

Every generation of the Louw family has been involved in the making of cold water soap. As long as I can remember, my grandmother “Ouma Duifie”, made this soap on our Elandsoog farm based in the Middelpos district. Every now and then, she would make the old fashioned boiled soap. She taught my mother Johanna Louw, also know as “Ouma Hanna” finer art of making cold water soap.

Since October 2007, Alida Taljaard has taken over and with the close supervision of Ouma Hanna, has created her very own cold water soap. In August 2009, Alida’s twin sister, Christine Bothma, has joined the “LOUW soap-making team” after refining the soap-making skill herself.

Boerseep is suitable for all domestic uses. It is especially suitable for washing white clothes and fat stains. After you have generously applied the soap, let it soak overnight and then wash in washing machine. The result is a guaranteed fat-free and pure-white product.

It is common knowledge that our ancestors had to make their own soap, this is why the “soap pot” was one of the more valuable items when travelling afar. Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, but soap making literature is very hard to find.



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