Pokkelokkie Lanky Flat


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Pokkelokkie Lanky Flat

The Lanky Flat is lovingly handmade from a locally knitted cotton and cotton blend fabric.

  • A flat is a square piece of cotton fabric you will fold into a nappy and fasten with a snappi.
  • Needs a SuperWrap Cover 
  • Folding is EASY and fun. All you need to do is watch a few YouTube videos and practice on a teddy bear to get the hang of it.
  • Boost with a cotton booster or 2 for a leak free solution.
  • Outgrown flats are used as boosters. This means you fold them and pop them in the wetzone inside other nappies to give you extra layers. They never go to waste!

Available colours: Dusty blue, Rust and Grey (please leave your preference in notes of order and we will try to give you what you are looking for)

Small (50cm X 50cm) 2kg – 7kg
Medium (60cm x 60cm)  3.5kg – 9/10kg
Large (70cm X 70cm) 6/7kg+ – potty training

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Small, Medium, Large




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