Biddykins Potty Training Pants


Biddykins Potty Training Pants have front rise snaps to achieve a snug fit and hip snaps for easy removal after an accident. Waterproof with bamboo lining.

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Biddykins Potty Training Pants

Biddykins Potty Training Pants are meant to be used as the little one gets close to being potty trained.

  • Great at catching little accidents
  • Ideal for use at home during the potty training phase
  • Front rise snaps to achieve a snug fit
  • Hip snaps for easy removal after an accident

Note that training pants are not as absorbent as cloth nappies. They catch accidents when the little one couldn’t quite get to the toilet in time

Size adjustable from ±18months to ±3 years 

Outer layer is completely waterproof polyurethane laminate (PUL)
Inner lining is soft & absorbent bamboo terry
Also includes 2 hidden layers of microfiber beneath the bamboo

Care Instructions:
Rinse then Cold Wash with your regular detergent BUT NOTE:
1) No Fabric Softener (this will permanently damage the absorbent layers)
2) Do not tumble dry (the elastics will degrade)
3) Do not bleach (this will damage the PUL & possibly the bamboo
4) Do not use bum creams (this cause build-up and damage the absorbent layers)
Environmentally friendly bum balms should be used instead of bum creams.

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