ROODT Baby Bum Spray


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ROODT Baby Bum Spray 250ml

When it comes to sticky poops, water just doesn’t cut it, Roodt Soothes, Protects, and Cleanses from the Bottom up. When your baby’s toosh could use a bath – its Roodt baby Bum Spray to the rescue. This rinse-free cleansing spray provides your baby with a gentle cleanse – just spray and wipe!
  • Roodt baby Bum Spray is safe for all skin types and ages, even newborns!
  • No fragrances or harmful chemicals. Plant-based natural cleansing agents.
  • Cleanses, refreshes,soothes, eliminates odors, moisturizes, and pr0tects against irritati0n and rashes.
  • Safe for sensitive skin from birth through adulthood.
Bum Spray ingredients: Distilled water, Rosemary Hydrosol, Castile soap, Cold pressed Grapeseed oil, Cold presses Calendula infused olive oil, Arrow root powder, Kaolin Clay, Pure Vitamin E oil. Natural plant-based bum spray with antibacterial agents: Rosemary Hydrosol and Lavender essential oil.
Pair with dry wipes or reusable cloth wipes as an alternative to conventional baby wipes.
Castile soap is one of the best choices for babies, “It cleans naturally, so it’s effective for removing dirt and germs. And it’s made with vegetable oils, so it doesn’t dry out baby’s skin. Arrow root powder softens skin and dries out/heals blemishes. Kaolin Clay soothes sensitive and easily irritable skin. The anti-inflammat0ry properties of rosemary hydrosol help to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin. It also helps to heal burns. Vitamin E oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin adding a glow to the skin making it smooth and healthy. The oil is also great at maintaining skin health. Grapeseed oil is light, easy to use and absorbs well into the skin. Parents report that babies with eczema, nappy rash are doing so much better. Calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory, we infuse them in olive oil, making a rich infusion to reduce redness and gently care for the nappy area.


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