Pokkelokkie Side Snapping Fleece Covers

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  • Medium: 4kg – 6/7kg
  • Large: 7kg – 10kg
  • X-large: 11kg – 15kg
  • XXL: 15kg +


Pokkelokkie Side Snapping Fleece Covers

  • Fleece is water resistant and pushes moisture back into the nappy making an effective water resistant layer between nappy and clothes. If the nappy beneath is not absorbent enough, moisture can be pulled through resulting in damp clothes. If dampness occurs- add a booster to the nappy.
  • Recommended for newborns. Soft and gentle on little bums.
  • Recommended for night use. No elastics means no red marks/rashes.
  • Reusable – rotate 2 – 3 a day for newborns/toddlers. Only wash when a bit smelly.
  • Pokkelokkie’s fleece covers are double layer for extra bombproofness.


Medium: 5kg – 7/8kg

Large: 7/8kg – 10kg

X-large: 10/11kg – 16kg

XXL: 16kg  – 20kg

Please opt for the bigger size if baby is towards the end of the weight range and you plan on using it over a fitted, prefold or 2 flats.

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Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large


Brown, Blue, Grey, Cream/beige, Maroon, Light Pink, Light blue, Olive green


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