Slow Down Products Mama Cloth Range – All-in-one

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Slow Down Products Mama Cloth Range – All-in-one

Mama cloth made by Slow Down Products

Mama cloth is a healthy, eco- and budget friendly way to deal with your monthly flow. It is comfortable, easy to use, easy to care for and will last you many years if you follow suggested washing guidelines. The different sizes and ways of construction accommodate different shapes and sizes, fabric preferences and different flows. It can be used on its own or in combination with menstrual cups, sponges or tampons. With light to medium flow the Teen, regular and Long AIO pads should suffice. This is also a great option if you prefer the comfort of not having to layer your pads before using them. If you have a heavy flow but it comes in a constant flow, then shorter thinner pads will easily deal with your flow if changed at regular intervals. With this constant trickle the pad has time to draw the fluid through the core and spread it over the entire absorbent area. If you have heavy bleeding that comes in sudden gushes then longer pads will be better suited to catch the flow all at once. With this kind of bleeding pads can get saturated in one area before the fluid has time to be drawn into the core and through to the rest of the pad. A longer pad is then able to catch the overflow from the middle section of the pad while the wings on the wing liner help to catch any fluid spilling over the sides of the pad. Natural fibres that absorbs quickly, combined with natural fibres that absorbs slower, but can hold a lot of fluid are ideal for this kind of heavy gushy flow. The Maxi and heavy (post partum pads) are designed to catch more fluid out on the edges of the pad so they are great for heavy gushes and are also wonderful for night use for ladies with medium to heavy flow, as they prevent leaking out over the top or bottom of the pad while sleeping.

AIO (All in one pad)
The AIO pad is convenient to use since it is used on its own without any additional inserts or trifolds. Just secure the pad around the panty gusset and you are good to go. Since you replace the pad at each change, you will need more AIO pads to start off with, but it is
quick and there is no placing of inserts required. Something to consider is that you cannot secure added absorbency to the pad and the pad will take longer to dry since all the absorbent layers are stitched into the pad.
The pad consists of a printed flannel top and plain flannel back with hidden PUL for water proofing. The pad core consists of two layers of cotton flannel and two layers of hemp fleece. It uses KAM snaps on the wings to secure the pad around your panty gusset. The flannel backing helps the pad to grip in the panty and not slip around. The pad can be constructed with the absorbent core stitched on top of the pad or it can be hidden between the top and bottom layer of flannel. When the core is stitched on top of the pad the flannel topper can be replaced with quilters cotton, cotton velour or a hemp fleece topper at an additional cost.

Wash care instructions
You can hand or machine was the pads although machine wash is preferable. With hand washing one tends to rub stains more vigorously which will deteriorate the fabric faster in the long run. You will also use less water if you wash your pads with regular laundry and since most of the wash water spins out in the machine the pads will dry quicker.
Depending on the size of your cloth stash and the amount of pads you need per day you will either wash them one by one straight after using them, in small batches or if you (eventually) have a nice big stash you can wash a bigger batch after one or two days.
Used pads can be stored in an open dry bucket (or laundry bag) for up to 2 days before washing. Some manufacturers suggest soaking the pads in cold salt water until wash day. I do not recommend this method since prolonged soaking can result in deterioration of natural fibres. You do not need to rinse the pads after every use. Just add them to your dry bucket or laundry bag and rinse them all together.
Once ready to launder your pads, you need to rinse out all the menstrual fluid before washing it (along with regular laundry). You can rinse your pads in your bath water or on the shower floor, shake it in a small bucket with a tight fitting lid or use the bucket and plunger method used by cloth moms during the flats challenge (Visit for more info on the bucket and plunger method). Although these methods work well to remove menstrual fluid it takes a lot of water to rinse used pads until the water runs clear. I find that I use a lot less water by doing a rinse and spin cycle in the washing machine (for twin tubs and top loaders you can use your bath water). Once this short cycle is done I add any additional laundry waiting to be done. Then I do a regular wash cycle and hang to dry. You can use your regular laundry detergent but make sure not to use any softeners with your cloth pads since it affects absorbency. Watch out for the new generation washing powders and liquids that already contains the softeners. Other products to avoid are detergents containing enzymes.
For hand washing, first do a good rinse, then hand wash with appropriate detergent and hang to dry. Do not wring your pads too vigorously. This can damage the PUL or TPU waterproof lining. If you need your pads to dry as quickly as possible to go back into rotation then press out as much of the wash water by hand as possible, then roll them in a towel and stand on the rolled towel and use your body weight to remove more water from the pads. Hang to dry in a well ventilated or sunny spot.
If any stains remain after washing you can treat the stains with commercial stain remover sticks for cloth nappies and pads, rub them with sunlight bar soap or with boerseep, place them in the sun and wash again to remove the soap. I find that most stains comes out by just drying the pads in direct sunlight without using any other products.
Always make sure that your pads are completely dry before storing them. Do not store them in the water proof bag directly after your period finished. Rather store them in a clean and dry place (between your clothes or even put them in a clean sock) for a day or two. This is just in case they are still slightly damp in the hidden layers inside the pad. After a few days, when you are 100% sure all the layers are completely dry, you can store them in the waterproof bag until your next cycle.

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Regular AIO, Teen AIO, Long AIO, Heavy/post partum AIO


Ladybug back & core with red wings, Red back and core with ladybug wings, Purple back & core with green floral wings, Purple back, cream core & green floral wings, Green floral back, cream core & purple wings, Pink back & core with butterfly floral wings, Pink back, blue core & butterfly floral wings, Pink back, cream core & butterfly floral wings, Green floral back & core with cream wings, Green strip back, cream velour core & ladybug wings, Brown floral with red back, Blue back, cream core & blue green wings, Red back cream core with butterfly wings, Green stripe back, cream core and ladybug wings, Blue back, brown core with blue green wings, Light blue back, cream core & blue dot wings, Light blue back, blue core & stripe wings, Light blue back, cream velour core with green floral wings, Red back, cream core with ladybug wings, Ladybug back, cream core with red wings


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