Ultra Flat Stash

48 nappies, 16 covers, 35 boosters
See description for details.



(48 nappies, 16 covers, 35 boosters)
42 x Variety of flats
6 x prefolds/contours
35 x Boosters
6 x Fleece covers
10 x PUL covers
3 x Snappi’s

DEPOSIT: Approximately R2200 (excluding courier)= use for 8 weeks 
Please contact us before you make payment as we will quote on the specific nappies we have available. This is an example of the cost.

Your deposit is to be paid upfront, for each week that you use the nappies we will deduct the weekly rental off your deposit. If there is anything left from your deposit on return of the nappies, you will be reimbursed once we receive the nappies back in good condition.

We will quote you for shipping once we have your address.


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